Motorola's RED MOTORAZR V3m coming to fight AIDS

So what does Bono do after taking the iconic MP3 player RED? Why, take the cellphone-equiv RED too, naturally. Right on cue, Sprint and Motorola just announced their joint effort to the fight of AIDS in Africa, the (PRODUCT) RED MOTORAZR V3m. The V3m will launch with Sprint sometime in November for $305, or $65 with a two-year agreement and will come preloaded with five RED screensavers and even a red headset so everyone knows just how generous you are. Or aren't, since the press release only states that "Both Motorola and Sprint will contribute directly to the fund with each RED MOTORAZR sold at Sprint." Come on guys, this isn't just a thinly veiled attempt at marketing your NFL Mobile and Sprint Music Services is it -- we're talking a cut of the phone sales and at least 5% of call charges like the UK's RED SLVR right? Expect more announcements from Moto as it looks like you'll be able to go RED with the MOTOSLVR and MOTOKRZR on Sprint when these launch for undisclosed prices in November as well.

[Thanks, r0fl]