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China Postel orders $2.5 billion worth of handsets from Nokia

Darren Murph

We doubt that folks at Nokia have yet to stop basking in the glory of selling 200 million of its 1100 models yet, but the baking glow just got a bit brighter thanks to a record setting order from China Postel. China's largest mobile phone wholesaler has reportedly sent in an order for $2.5 billion worth of Nokia phones over the course of 2007, which could eventually represent "more than 20 million mobiles." Of course, China is Nokia's number one market, and it's no surprise to hear that more and more individuals in the country are slated to pick themselves up a new handset in the relatively near future. Interestingly, precise models on the PO weren't noted, but it was suggested that the bulk of them would be "low-end handsets" that cater to such markets who desire basic, reliable handsets at a rock bottom price.

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