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2007 Robot Hall of Fame Inductees: now 75% more real

Nilay Patel

The Robot Hall of Fame has always struck as a little odd, what with their inclusion of fictional bots, but it looks like the class of 2007 might the one that turns the tide. For the first time in the four-year history of the Hall, the jury of 25 roboticists selected more real bots than fictional -- LEGO Mindstorms (pictured), the NAVLAB 5, the Raibert Hopper, and Mr. Data made the cut this year, making the final score three real to one, uh, television. While you know how we love Mindstorms, and we're glad to see Data finally make it, the two lesser-known inductees also seem pretty trick to us: NAVLAB 5, a robotic Oldsmobile Silhouette, was honored for driving itself from Pittsburgh to San Diego way back in 1995, while the Raibert Hopper one-legged hopper made it for containing the basic tech DNA that underlies all those two- and four- (and more) legged bots we've got running around these days. Congrats to the honorees, and here's hoping the real bots keep it up.

[Via SuicideBots]

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