New inductees to the Robot Hall of Fame

astro boy

October 11th will see the introduction of five new robots into the Carnegie Mellon University Robot Hall of Fame. Asimo, Shakey the Robot, Astroboy, C3PO and Robbie are the latest inductees. Our congratulations go out to all of them. We can't really decide if it's good or bad that robots from science fiction are accepted, since they aren't really robots (and don't even exist) in the strictest sense of the word. C3PO is a guy in a suit and Astro Boy is a cartoon. Though if these more colorful individuals weren't considered, the museum would be filled with lots and lots of industrial equipment, which is much less exciting. Though these days all sorts of new robots are coming out. They could even bring in the Enryu and have it demolish a group of AIBO's.