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Customer choice important to Singstar dev - 350 songs at launch

Jem Alexander

This morning Paulina Bozek, executive producer of the Singstar series of games, gave a speech at the Nordic game conference about the upcoming Singstar title for the PlayStation 3. have a full summary of the presentation but, as usual, I'm going to boil it down to what I think are the most interesting points.

Firstly, some numbers. 350 songs at launch, with 100 new ones every month. That should be enough to cover every song from each PS2 Singstar game, plus 100 new ones on day one. Give or take. This fits with the crux of Bozek's speech, that users want a massive amount of choice. As yet, there's no word on how much songs will cost to download.

She goes on to discuss how interactive media is changing - that players are becoming creators and sites like Facebook and YouTube are great indicators of how consumer participation is evolving. Sounds very similar to a certain Mr. Harrison's Game 3.0 speech, don't you think? 'My Singstar Online' will mix all of these sites together to create a communal creative experience.

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