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DirecTV testing the broadband over power line waters

Darren Murph

While analysts have long questioned how satellite television providers would answer the challenge of cable companies offering up bundled services with such little hassle, both DirecTV and EchoStar have traditionally partnered with DSL providers to tempt users to the dish, but change may finally be on the way. Reportedly, DirecTV's CEO recently suggested that it "may test delivering high-speed internet service through power lines in a major US city within the next year," meaning that broadband over power lines could be comin' down the pike. Notably, the company fessed up and stated that it "wasn't the only one" in talks to get such a plan in action, and while prospective test areas weren't named, the firm did say that it would probably aim for a "top 50 city where you're covering at least half the city." Of course, the talk of mergers was quickly shot down, but it's hard to think that a partnership isn't at least in the cards.

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