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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End demo sailing into some ports

Justin McElroy

Remember your "Japanese friend" who helped you play that Eternal Sonata demo yesterday? Well, you may need a new friend. You've got plenty of choices, just as long as they're not in Asia, Canada, Mexico or the U.S., because those are the only nations that can't play the new Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End demo on Xbox Live. Of course, if you're already living outside those countries you can proceed to downloading the sample, which weighs in at 972 MB to make room for the trademark Depp swagger.

If you can't find a friend in another country who'll let you use their Xbox Live account, you can always use our incredible PotC:AWE virtual reality system, which consists of watching the video after the jump and hammering buttons on your 360 controller. We know it's not quite the same, but, if the last game in the series is any indication, the controls would actually be more responsive with our system. Ooh, pirate burn. A bARRRn, if you will.

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