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Sound ID's SM100 Bluetooth headset tunes you into nature

Darren Murph

We've got Bluetooth headsets that cancel noise, amplify voices, and make you look good not entirely cockamamie, but Sound ID's latest iteration actually gives you one less reason to ever take it off. The minuscule earpiece sports compatibility with handsfree Bluetooth profiles, around eight hours of talk time and 72 hours of standby, auditory and visual low battery warnings, dual omni-directional silicon microphones, and a trio of modes to fit your situation. It also touts a NoiseNavigation feature that magnifies and cancels appropriate sounds automatically, and just in case you get tired of only hearing face-to-face conversations out of one ear, the "Environmental Mode" actually brings in ambient noise in order to make you forget about the critter hanging off your eyeglass holder. Notably, the $129.99 SM100 even features a One2One mode that enables "Bluetooth communication between two modules" without the use of a cellphone, which should definitely appease the anti-social social crowd.

[Via Slashphone]

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