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Video games: the most important part of college

Kyle Orland

Sure, college is a great place to learn about life and everything, but where does most of that learning really come from? Once you take away the classes you slept through, the boy/girlfriend that you never listened to, and the parties you were too drunk to remember, the only remaining answer is the obvious one. That's right: video games!

At least one college professor realized this essential fact and crafted his commencement speech to the graduating class of Bloomsburg University around the theme of lessons from video games. The speech name drops everything from Carmen Sandiego to Halo 2 in selling the lifelong lessons of gaming, including resilience, problem solving and teamwork.

Sure, some of the analogies to life are a bit labored, and the whole thing reads like the author has only a passing familiarity with games. Still, it's nice to see someone using a commencement address to acknowledge what is no doubt the most important part of college for many graduates. And hey, it beats some guy droning on and on about sunscreen.

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