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LG's Super Multi Blue BH100 hitting retail en masse

Darren Murph

Although LG's Super Multi Blue standalone hybrid player snuck into a few CompUSA's before the street date and subsequently landed in several highly frequented big box retail locations, the firm is hoping to broaden the reach of its peace making device by getting it to more locales. The BH100 will reportedly ship en masse to the "800-plus network of US Best Buy stores" this June, and "at the same time, the player will spread to significantly more Circuit City outlets" than it's currently in. The company noted that as production hurdles have been overcome, it's growing easier to get these out to lesser-known stores, e-tailers, and a wider range of CCs and BBs, but interestingly, it was stated that there were "no announcements yet regarding a second-generation Super Multi Blue unit that might beef up its HD DVD capabilities."

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