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Nokia 6267 hits FCC

Chris Ziegler

We'd caught wind of rumors of a Nokia 6267 in the past; normally, a four-digit Nokia doesn't really catch our attention -- at least in unsubstantiated rumor form -- but it turns out that this one'll feature some North America-friendly 3G. FCC documents released today indicate that the phone, said to feature a QVGA screen and comprehensive media support, will sport WCDMA 850 in addition to GSM 850 and 1900 (though strangely, we weren't able to track down any mention of WCDMA 1900). We also know from the filing that Bluetooth is in the cards, and in all likelihood, it'll rock Series 40. Could this be AT&T's successor to the never-released 6282?

Update: It appears the presence of WCDMA 850 and the lack of 1900 indicates that this sucker is destined for Australia. Why dost thou forsake us yet again, Nokia? (On the other hand, our heartfelt congrats go out to you, our Australian readership.) [Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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