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Rumor: The Dark Knight in Pandemic's hands, "Project B" is for Batman


Pandemic could be developing The Dark Knight, a video game based on the forthcoming movie, alleges a rumor posted by IGN. Supposedly, sources close to the project have linked the Mercs 2 developer to the Batman Begins sequel tie-in. Private equity firm Elevation Partners has apparently gained rights to the title through its alliance with Pandemic and BioWare, but "insiders" insist that EA, which handled the lackluster Batman Begins game, will publish The Dark Knight.

Pandemic currently has five secret projects in the works, with 'Project B' having the most obvious relationship to the Batman rumor; though the "B" could simply stand for "Brisbane," the particular Pandemic branch that is heading up the mysterious game. Project Y, which promises to "break new ground in its category" also offers a possible connection to The Dark Knight. With few exceptions, both Batman games and movie-licensed titles are often met with groans -- could Pandemic flip the script?

Pandemic has yet to issue a response to the rumor. When questioned by IGN, an EA representative declined to comment.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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