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Ubisoft wants PS3 price cut and plans Euro PS3 exclusive


It's not just gamers, journalists and analysts talking about PS3 price cuts anymore, now it's getting ugly -- publishers have entered the mix. Yves Guillemot, president and CEO of Ubisoft, tells Reuters that Sony will "for sure" have a "lower" market share than before due to the PlayStation 3's cost. Guillemot, who declined to elaborate, lays it out with this simple quote, "They have to decrease the price quite significantly."

While asking for price cuts in the PS3, Guillemot also stated that Ubisoft is bringing an exclusive PS3 title to ... Europe? Although he refused to give the name, it's hard to imagine what "exclusive" title Ubisoft would bother developing for Europeans, but not for the rest of the planet. Unless it's something very Euro-focused like Asterix and Obelix or Mainzelmännchen ... actually, a Mainzelmännchen game would be awesome.

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