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Scotty's ashes found in New Mexico mountains

Nilay Patel

Alright, Scotty, let's try this again. Not long after the rocket carrying James "Scotty" Doohan's ashes into space crash-landed off course in New Mexico, the payload container has been found in the mountains of the White Sands Missile Range. (Clarification: it was Earthbound from the start, just not mountains-bound.) The container, which also holds some 200 other peoples' ashes, including original Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper, is reportedly in "good shape", and the Celestis International, which runs the Legacy Flight service, is planning on returning the lipstick-sized ash capsules to the family members of the departed, along with "mementos" of the launch. Scotty's got one more shot at space, however: later this year some more of his and Cooper's ashes are due to make an orbital trip on SpaceX's Falcon 1 rocket, remaining there until they re-enter the atmosphere and burn up. Let's hope she canna teek some more this time, eh?

[Via First Coast News]

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