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Frugal modder crafts speaker stands for $13 apiece

Darren Murph

If there's two things we can certainly appreciate, it's projects done right and projects done cheaply (okay, so 103-inch plasmas make three). Thanks to a frugal and crafty individual in need of need speaker stands, he was able to conjure up perfectly functional stands that some may even deem halfway attractive for a mere $13 apiece. Unsurprisingly, the solution begins at none other than Wal-Mart, where you'll need to pick up an inexpensive incandescent torchiere floor lamp for each speaker you plan on mounting. Once acquired, you'll bust out the usual suspects -- a drill, measuring tape, screws, a few spare hours, and the generous hands of a buddy and / or SO to help line things up -- and get to hackin'. Judging by the guide, the actual conversion from lamp to stand doesn't look all that difficult, so be sure and hit the read link right after you cancel that AV order for those ridiculously overpriced pedestals you somehow talked yourself into buying.

[Via HackNMod]

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