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Halo 3 four player co-op confirmed?

Dustin Burg

The other day we reported on a hacking group that cracked opened the Halo 3 beta code and found values referring to new weapons, new vehicles, and new gametypes. But now it looks like the beta code has revealed more info about how we'll be playing the campaign. Over at the 7th Columnist they dug up some error text in the Halo 3 beta code that could confirm four player co-op, which states "The party size is too large to start the game. Up to 4 players may play coop on Xbox Live or System Link". Does this confirm four player co-op in campaign? Well, not just yet ... but we'll be an optimistic bunch and cross our fingers and toes. Anyone thinking four player co-op over Xbox Live would be the greatest thing since, say, sliced bread?

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

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