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Avis rolls out in-car WiFi service


Avis announced today that it's begun the roll-out of its Autonet Mobile-based in-car WiFi service, now officially dubbed Avis Connect, with those paying a visit to the San Francisco International Airport able to drive off the lot with the added distraction starting today. They'll have to pay a somewhat hefty $10.95 a day (for unlimited usage) on top of the normal rental fee for the service, however, which makes use of either an EV-DO or HSDPA network (Avis isn't specifying exactly which carrier its using). San Jose, Los Angeles, and Newark, N.J. are apparently next in line, set to get the service in the coming weeks, with Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, San Diego and Seattle on tap for the third quarter of this year. No word if you'll get a discount if you opt for both the in-car WiFi and the built-in DirecTV.

[Via Physorg/AP]

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