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AT&T sez "June 13" for BlackBerry 8300?

Michael Caputo

AT&T customers can rest easy when it comes to getting their BlackBerry addiction satisfied as of late. First, it was the Pearl-esque 8800 reaching AT&T customers months before T-Mobile -- and now it's the BlackBerry 8300, allegedly hitting on the 13th of next month. It's still unclear whether or not AT&T axed the WiFi or not because the product sheets are show it will be launched with support, however the testers are saying "no way." Oh, might as well 86 the intergrated GPS, too, becuase it won't make this version either. But don't sweat too much -- there's already another version in the works that adds location based services for you map lovin' folks. Keep a lookout for the pricing deets!

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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