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Audio-Technica's AT-SP550TV infrared speaker cuts through the noise


If your initial reaction to the Audio-Technica infrared speaker was, "pfff, pointless," then we welcome you to our party of ambivalence. Still, let's all ferment in their madness just for the moment, mkay? The AT-SP550TV provides a directed stream of 2W (1W + 1W) stereo audio at a distance of about 7-meters (23-feet). So instead of blasting the sound from your bigazz flat panel across the room, they relocate the speaker to the viewer thereby reducing ambient noise pollution for others in the house. That way, mama can watch TV from the kitchen while baby is lulled to sleep by the wounding glow of consumer narcissism. The unit operates for up to 10 hours off standard alkalines and includes a headphone jack in the speaker section to keep things totally on the hush hush. See, there is some magic to the madness after all. Available in Japan starting June 22nd for ¥16,800 or about $138.

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