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Chatpad seen in Chicago at GSB Road Tour stop

David Dreger

Charles Huseman over at Gaming Nexus attended GamerscoreBlog's Road Tour event in Chicago, and got some hands-on time with the Chatpad, although not the retail version that'll hit shelves this summer. Charles said the Chatpad doesn't get in the way at all or messes up the weight balance of the controller. He also noted that the buttons are backlit for those who may be texting in the dark, with minimal impact on the wireless controller's battery life. Still no word on pricing or when we'll be getting it this summer.

The special headset packed with the Chatpad has yet to be seen. Either way, exactly 1/3 of X3F staff (We bet you can't guess who) is all about the IMing whilst gaming, to the point of having a USB keyboard handy to make use of the overlay window for quick conversations. Have any of you slowly warmed up to the idea of IMing while you game? Or would an accessory like this be necessary for you to make the jump?

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