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Dave Karraker's attempts to restore Sony's PR


GamePro sat down with Sony's head PR guy Dave Karraker to have a general discussion about Sony and the state of their public relations. When Karraker joined Sony last September the company was misstepping with regular amusing consistency -- and the executives didn't help. Since then, Sony still ends up in less than ideal situations on a regular basis, but Karraker has made himself available to answer questions, sometimes with spin, but at least there isn't the Sony wall of dumbfounded silence.

Karraker speaks about adjusting media and public perception of Sony saying, "Access and education are the two things I talk about most over here. We want to be as accessible as possible and provide as much information as we can so media can properly cover our products and give the gamers all the news they want and need. That focus will never change. At launch of PS3 we gave an amazing amount of access to media. Kaz, Jack, and Peter must have done hundreds of interviews. That kind of access hasn't stopped, and in fact, I think it has increased with the amount of contact we have on a daily basis from folks in the blogging community."

The piece covers a wide array of general topics and gives a little bit more insight into Sony's PR, and having any insight into how Sony's PR works is better than none. Of course, the fantastic coincidence here is we contacted Karraker about the interview to see if he wanted to respond or clarify any statements, the message bounces back, "I will be out of the office starting 05/18/2007 and will not return until 05/31/2007. I am currently out of the country on business and vacation ... I will not be checking email on a regular basis." He does leave information for other contacts, but come on, that's so biased of GamePro to unleash this interview when Karraker is on vaca. Bias, BIAS! Media conspiracy against Sony anyone?

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