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New features come to Verizon's VZ Navigator

Brian White

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Verizon Wireless wants to make sure you know where you're going when out and about. The CDMA carrier has introduced new features to its VZ Navigator that makes it easy to send club or restaurant directions to your friends with what is calls "place messaging." Sounds pretty hip to us, and recipients do not even have to be VZ Navigator subscribers. Anyway, we like the VZ Navigator website that allows Verizon Wireless customers to search for and save locations on their PCs for later direct recall on those Verizon handsets. You know, since it can be done 100 times faster on a PC, right? The new VZ Navigator website "synchronization" has been done before, but Verizon customers can also bookmark sites o the VZ Navigator website which then syncs with your Verizon handset in real-time. Quite a few Verizon handsets are featured on the service, and the cost will set you back $9.99 per month (unlimited) or $2.99 (per-day use).

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