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Smoking Jacket catches smoke, darkens symbolic lungs

Darren Murph

We've seen jackets that alert you when approaching uncomfortable scenarios, light up on demand, and track the poor soul trapped within, but Fiona Carswell's iteration does a number on smokers who don't mind warning labels. Similar in craftiness to the Ruyan e-cigarette, the Smoking Jacket sports a stylish white exterior with a pair of symbolic lungs and a sophisticated internal tubing system. The aptly-dubbed "visceral, absurd information displays" morph from pristine air containers to dark, murky caverns as smokers blow excess smoke into a tube located in the collar. The one-way air valve traps smoke in the lungs, creating a relatively repulsive sight in the eyes of both onlookers and smokers alike. Of course, Fiona can't promise that such a dramatic effort will faze the hardcore puffers, but trying to continually ignore the disgusted faces looking your way as you walk by would be challenging indeed.


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