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Orphans of the damned


Children's Week is one of my favorite holidays in WoW, along with Halloween and the Fire Festival. Last year I dragged my little orc into so many places, I thought the Child Protective Services of Azeroth would come to arrest me. I even took him to Molten Core, where no one should ever have to go. So I was really looking forward to doing the new Outland orphan quests.

My blood elf girl, Salandria, wanted to see Sporeggar, the Throne of the Elements, and the Dark Portal. All reasonable requests, although I'd think that a blood elf kid would want to see Tempest Keep and the Black Temple a little more. She was even kind of nice about it, although she did say I smelled funny. Then I took her to Azeroth, and things got weird.

First, she wanted to go to the Caverns of Time. When she got there, she wanted a toy dragon. I set off to buy her a dragon, when ... she was attacked by the Wardens of Time. Zaladormu, the head dragon guy, called them off and told them that she "will not be held accountable for what she might do, or fail to do, in the future." Then, when I got her her toy dragon, she told me she planned to own a real one someday. Hmm. Was my orphan some sort of future evildoer? It looked like the draenei kids were getting the same treatment, so maybe the Wardens of Time just hate kids.

After that, Salandria decided she wanted to be a Blood Knight and asked to go to Silvermoon City to see their headquarters. But upon approaching the Blood Knights, she freaked out, wandered down the stairs, ran into the elves' captive naaru and started draining its power herself. Ew. The Blood Knight leader got excited and told me she was going to ask if the Blood Knights could adopt Salandria to train her, since "to see this in a child is truly amazing!"

When I brought her back, she called me her big sister and cried, but I was kind of glad to get rid of the creepy little albino. She was clearly going to be something evil when she grew up. I'm not the only one who noticed this, either. Alliance, how did your day with the Draenei girl go? What do you think about Children's Week?

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