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QinetiQ's crazy-sensitive Ocellus GPS receiver works almost anywhere

Nilay Patel

Wacky defense contractor QinetiQ (which also make 3D shoe sizers) continues to angle for a piece of that sweet military-industrial pie with the release of the Ocellus S100, a super sensitive GPS tracker. Unlike normal GPS units, which max out around -160dBW of signal sensitivity, the S100 gets all the way to -189dBW for tracking and -185dBW for acquisition (remember, the scale is logarithmic, so that's a big jump). The increased sensitivity means that the unit can be used to track subjects under heavy foliage, in "urban canyons," indoors, and other places where regular GPS units tend to wonk out. The unit is so sensitive, in fact, that QinetiQ claims that it can be mounted underneath a vehicle and still provide location data from GPS signals bouncing off the roadway. The motion-activated unit sends location data back to HQ via GPRS, falling back to SMS to report the target's location, if needed. Hmm, looks like the tinfoil hat crowd bought up all those black-market cellphone jammers for a reason.

[Via Navigadget]

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