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Boingo set to roam on FON's worldwide WiFi network

Darren Murph

Boingo, which just recently flashed its Boingo Mobile services in your grill at 3GSM, has now made its somewhat sensational claims seem a bit more justified by partnering with FON to roam on its worldwide network of WiFi hotspots. Once the agreement is executed, Boingo's customers will reportedly have "access to an additional 130,000 hotspot locations," which will more than double the company's network size. Of course, this isn't the only partnership FON has inked in recent memory either, and while one may expect to fork over slightly more than the previously advertised $7.95 per month for an expanded Biongo Mobile network, it looks like the rates are staying put. No word yet on when the WiFi roaming will go live, but if you happened to be swarmed by Foneros in your neck of the woods, Boingo Mobile just might be worth the effort.

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