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Wii60 survey: Wii owners less likely to buy Xbox 360


Data compiled for the MI6 game marketing conference shows off some interesting numbers concerning Wii and Xbox 360 owners and their likelihood to pick up a second console. Taken between March 20th and the 28th, the online survey questioned just under 1,900 gamers. The results are mostly unsurprising with mid-range percentages across the board.

However, a large number of Xbox 360 owners (66%) admitted they might buy a Wii as a second console. This is especially interesting when compared to the number of Wii owners who would consider picking up an Xbox 360: 44%. Are Wii owners more content with their purchase, or do Xbox 360 owners just have the extra cash to throw around?

Results for PS3 owners were left mysteriously undisclosed. We'll let the anti-Sony pundits handle the flame wars for that one.

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