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20 UPnP clients that may stream to your PlayStation 3

After spending entirely too much time trying to find a suitable solution to stream all of our bits and bytes into our newly upgraded PlayStation 3s, we finally came to a grim realization: there is no perfect solution. That doesn't mean there's a paucity of options, however. As it turns out, there's no shortage of UPnP clients that satisfy, in some capacity, the DLNA standard the PlayStation 3 requires.

The following list, compiled in part by the PS3mods blog, is a rather extensive collection of software spanning multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. We added Elgato's EyeConnect software for Mac OS X which got us closer than anything else on that platform. On the Windows side, we continue to hear good things about Nero MediaHome. Any software missing? Any 'stiqers find that perfect solution?

[Thanks, Eliot]

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