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Caption This! [Updated]


Remember the Countdown to Burning Crusade contests we did in the days leaning up to The Burning Crusade launch in January? Well, we thought they were so darned much fun that we're bringing them back -- for no other reason than to have fun. Every other Monday, check in with us at WoW Insider for a chance to win a 60-day game card or a t-shirt. And our first contest is starting right now!

To win, all you have to do is come up with a hilarious caption for the screenshot above (click for a larger version!). Submit your caption in our comments any time between now and Wednesday, May 30th at 11:59 PM EST. The WoW Insider staff will narrow the submissions down to ten finalists that we think are the best of the best, and we'll open up those finalists to a vote -- so check back on Friday to see the finalists and vote on your favorites! Vote over the weekend, and we'll announce the winners next Monday.

However, I'm afraid the legal team has gotten to us for this contest: we're only allowed to open the contest to residents of the United States of the age 18 and up. I know this cuts out a great many readers, and for that I apologize -- but this is as inclusive a contest as we're allowed to run. For full official rules, check here. And by submitting a caption to us, you're agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Update: The entry period is now closed, folks -- please check back on Friday for an announcement of our finalists and to vote for the winners!

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