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Fils-Aime sees strong future in store for Wii


Nintendo's resident ass-kicker and name-taker Reggie Fils-Aime sat down with the Wall Street Journal recently, not only to discuss the state of the Wii, but to also comment on the competition. The first thing that Reggie spoke about was the success of third-party publishers on the Wii, which he claims has allowed them to push more software on the Wii than Nintendo themselves. He even commented that a few of Ubisoft's titles are close to cracking the one million mark.

Touching on the future of the console, including the competition from Sony and their argument that the Wii's graphical capabilities limit it in the eyes of the consumer, Reggie stated ""I guess when you're not doing well you have to grasp at something." Reggie added "From our perspective, this industry is about entertainment and it's about driving a consumer interface and engagement with content. That's why people want to play games. From that standpoint, our strategy is certainly working and we believe it's going to work into the future."

[Via Gamasutra]

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