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A look at the auditory pleasure Halo 3 will bring

Dustin Burg

Listen to this. No, it's not just the sound of a creaky old door, it's the sound of a creaky old door that'll be in Halo 3.

Over on lukems posted an insiders look into how sounds and music are being implemented into Halo 3 and the craziness that's going on right now. Most interesting is the talk of how Halo 3 handles weapon sounds at a distance. Most games (including Halo 2) use one sound clip for weapons up close and at a distance, simply turning down the volume the further away a shot is being fired. But that's not good enough for Halo 3, oh no. Instead each weapon has three different unique sounds for close, medium, and distant ranges. The end result is a cross-fade mixture of weapon sounds from varying ranges that creates a unique Halo 3 sound. Geeky isn't it? Read all the details to how sound will play into the whole Halo 3 experience after the jump.

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