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Player evolves pokemon with the aid of two wrenches


The most time-consuming part of any Pokemon game is capturing and strengthening your horde of creatures. To make things worse, some pokemon will only evolve after they've attained a certain level of happiness. An intrepid (lazy, impatient, resourceful, etc.) gamer named Joshua didn't want to wait, so he came up with a plan.

For every 256 steps you take with a pokemon in your party, it gains one happiness point. To reach the maximum level of 250 you would have to take 64,000 steps and waste roughly half your life running in circles. Instead of whittling his afternoons away, Joshua found a few locations in the game with a moving floor that allowed him to take 13 steps every six seconds. That adds up to 7,800 steps in an hour and would allow maximum pokemon happiness in about eight hours. Two wrenches and a good night's sleep later, Joshua was the happy owner of several fully-evolved pokemon.

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