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Vizio barreling into Wal-marts everywhere

Erik Hanson

Relative newcomer Vizio has certainly done a bang-up job at taking the television market by storm, throwing down a sub-$1000 plasma and the first sub-$2000 1080p LCD, upsetting Sony with its pricing schemes, and making good impressions just about everywhere. Now the number-four flat-panel seller is truly heading for the mass market, with an announcement that Wal-mart will sell four new models of Vizio LCDs. The 720p sets include at least one HDMI input and integrated ATSC/QAM tuners. The VW26L, VW32L, VW37L, and VW42L panels will range from 26 to 42 inches, with the smallest starting at $448. Considering the retail giant's reach and inertia, it's going to be a tough year for competitors on the low-end of the flat-panel market. We feel for you: now pick us up some chips and paper towels with that 42-incher, will ya?

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