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HMV says PS3 sales doing as expected


HMV tells that the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 are causing healthy sales at the beginning of what is typically the quiet summer months. HMV also says that the PS3 is "exceeding" sales targets but thinks they'll see better performance when (if) Sony drops the price. They say the Wii and Xbox 360 are both performing solidly.

Timm Ellis, head of games for HMV says, "From a retail and customer perspective it's great to have three games heavyweights relatively matched and vying for market domination. This creative tension is leading to fantastic innovative technology and brilliant games."

We're curious to see how game sales performance goes this summer (or winter for you south of the equator). The industry feels considerably different in this PSN, XBLA era and the summer game drought just doesn't seem as pronounced as it was in the past. If sales continue strong through the summer we may see a solid year-round release schedule in the coming years. The summer is still a good time to catch up on the games you may have missed. Remember, the sun causes cancer.

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