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Pacsafe adds some security to your laptop bag

Ryan Block, @ryan

K-locks and thick cables are well and good -- when they work, and when you're tethered to some relatively immobile object. But when your laptop's in your bag (which it is most of the time when you're on the go), you might want something a little sturdier than a plastic zipper and some nylon fabric. Enter Pacsafe's latest computer bags, which boast what's claimed to be "tamperproof" zippers and a middle-layer of "eXomesh" anti-slash wire mesh, and stainless steel wire for fastening your entire bag to that same relatively immobile object. Prices range start at $90 for the MetroSafe 300 up to $180 for the DaySafe 200. Be wary, though, we have a feeling Marc Weber Tobias may make short work of these things.

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