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Analyst: new MacBook Pros, "MacBook mini" possible at WWDC

Ryan Block, @ryan

We're always a little more skeptical of Mac-fanboy analysts (fanalists, if you will) that often seem to make this stuff up as they go, but American Technology Research's Shaw Wu -- who doesn't really have the best track record on calling Apple's moves -- is jumping on the bandwagon in the belief that WWDC will break from its typically developer-centric agenda and land some new laptops, including LED-backlit MacBook Pros (which we weren't really expecting this early in the year), and even a "MacBook mini" geek-fantasy ultraportable, complete with power-saving SSD drive. Also on Wu's docket: OS X virtualization, which would enable, say, Windows to run almost as an app in itself (another beaten-to-death rumor; see also: Parallels). Not that we'd put a lot of weight on this one, but you've been warned.

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