Apple to drop new Macbooks and iMacs at WWDC?

While we know for sure that Steve is going to show off a "feature-complete" version of Leopard at this year's WWDC, and we wouldn't be surprised if the iPhone got some quality time on stage as well, we haven't really heard anything solid about any hardware revisions taking place next month. Well, Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray's resident Apple analyst, crunched some numbers (or visited MacRumors) recently and speculated during a recent conference call that he expects to see new MacBook Pros released at WWDC. Seeing as Apple is basically the only big company that hasn't announced a Santa Rosa laptop, an announcement at WWDC wouldn't exactly shock us, but Munster decided to get a little wackier with his predictions, saying that by his calculations, Apple releases new pro lappies every 182 days, and that the current MBP has been on the market for 209 days. Similarly, Munster used the vast resources of the multinational investment bank that employs him to determine that Apple releases new iMacs around every 168 days, and that the current generation has been on the market for 257 days. Quelle horreur! We're not sure how these numbers led Gene to determine that we'll see new MBPs for sure and maybe new iMacs (seems like the other way around to us), but there it is. Analysts are often prone to over-speculating about Apple launches, but at this point it's almost anyone's guess -- trying to call Apple's next move is a cruel, cruel mistress.

[Thanks, Kiwi]