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PlayStation Fancast 002: Now with microphones!

Jem Alexander

We heard your feedback, and we've bumped up the audio quality quite significantly for this episode of our pod fancast.

Episode 2 features Andrew Yoon, Jem Alexander, Peter Vrabel, Nick Doerr, and Steven Bailey from the PS Fanboys. Is Bioshock heading to PS3? Is Metal Gear Solid 4 heading to Xbox 360? Also, hear more about why we're playing FolksSoul (PS3) and Crush (PSP).

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0:02 - WRUP: What are you playing? (PS3)
0:07 - FolksSoul
0:14 - Go! Puzzle
0:16 - PlayStation Network
0:20 - Exclusives and the PS3: Bioshock on PS3? Silent Hill 5 exclusive? Resident Evil 5 exclusive? Metal Gear Solid 4 on 360?
0:39 - WRUP: What are you playing? (PSP)
0:43 - Crush: Is it the best game ever on PSP? Andrew and Jem debate.
0:51 - PQ2
0:54 - PSP Firmware 3.50
1:02 - PlayStation Phone

As always, we love to hear your feedback. We honestly believe this episode is heads above the previous one, and the only direction we can go is up. So please, tell us what you want and let us provide. Thanks for listening.

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