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360's Eternal Sonata briefly tops Amazon Japan charts

While not a chorus of evidence that the Xbox 360 is on the way to acceptance in the Japanese market, news that the Japanese-developed RPG Trusty Bell (that's Eternal Sonata for those of us outside Japan) made it to the top spot on Amazon would seem to indicate some success for Microsoft's white box.

This is reminiscent of two other highly anticipated Xbox 360 titles that managed to persuade unimpressed Japanese gamers to consider the Xbox 360: Blue Dragon and Gears of War. Though the title has since dropped from the number 1 to the number 3 place on Amazon's sales charts, we imagine the boys in Redmond are more saddened by the realization that -- at least according to the ESRB -- this erstwhile Xbox 360-exclusive is most likely going multiplatform.

[Via X3F]

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