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Zune still may be coming to Europe this year -- maybe

Ryan Block, @ryan

Ok, so we finally heard back from Zune PR, and they were about as cagey as we always expect when it comes to statements about future moves in the market. Anyway, here's what they said about Sunday's meme that the player wouldn't be launching in Europe this year: in a nutshell, Ballmer was mistranslated, and did not say either way whether Zune is launching in Europe in 2007. "He emphasized -- as we've been saying all along -- that focus is important to us and the US has been our focus to date. He also reminded those readers that Zune is an investment for the company... a multi-year strategy... but we are currently not making any announcements about future launches." Ok, so it might have just been easier for Zune to come out and say it is (or isn't) in fact still launching in Europe this year, and you can still chalk up the above to a non-denial denial if you like. But it still seems plausible this year may yet hold good news for our cross-Atlantic pals anticipating a Microsoft player of their very own, so don't give up just yet.

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