Zune: not headed for Europe this year?

We regret to inform the iPod-harshing residents of France, Norway, Germany, Sweden, etc., but it sounds like Steve Ballmer told German publication Wirtschafts Woche that the Zune's European fall / winter launch has been pushed back into 2008, citing the fact that Microsoft is still very much so in a money-losing cycle on the product and doesn't yet want to branch out into new markets. Since we don't read German (and our Zune PR peoples are out enjoying their weekend, unlike us) we can't yet confirm the statement, but we've got news for ya Microsoft -- you're probably gonna be losing money on your Zune business for a long time (same as you still are with Xbox), so you'd better be prepared to go big or go home against the 800-pound gorilla.

[Via I4U]

Update: Looks like the statement may be rescinded, although Zune PR has yet to confirm one way or another. We'll let you know when we learn more.