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Colorful Wiimote rumor gets revived

Darren Murph

It was two months (to the day, actually) ago that we first got wind of the possibility that Nintendo could have a trio of colorful Wiimotes planned for the UK market, and now we've got even more reason to believe that future Wii controllers could indeed sport a few different hues. Of course, we're still filing this away as a rumor for the time being, but a fairly convincing screen shot from an Argos internal system clearly shows that a blue Wiimote has a SKU in its inventory. Additionally, the UK-based poster also stated that a pink listing was also spotted, but had no idea if any were carefully hidden in the store's back room. Still, we've no idea if or when Nintendo ever plans on releasing the slightly more vivid Wiimotes on the world, but you can go ahead and color us sour if these end up a European exclusive.

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