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Philips offers more of the same with SA9300 and SA5100 DAPs

Evan Blass

If Philips' portable audio division has one thing going for it, it's definitely consistency. While other manufacturers are tacking value-added features onto their products like WiFi, higher storage capacities, and more codec support, Philips just keeps on releasing the same damn model in slightly different form factors. Cases in point are the company's new SA9300 (pictured right) and SA5100 (pictured left) DAPs, which offer the same small color screens, FM tuners, limited file support, and maxed-out 4GB capacities that we've already seen a hundred times before on devices like the SA9200 and SA6045. GenerationMP3 spotted these units on Philips' German site, meaning we're not sure when/if the cookie cutter players will be hitting the States; pricing, however, seems to be in the €99 to €199 ($133 to $268) range, depending on model number and storage.

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