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Have Wii bag, will travel

Eric Caoili

Accessory manufacturer Dragon Electronics really seems to be catering to gamers who're literally on the move, what with products like the automobile-friendly Cobra sensor bar stand and the Wii car lighter adapter. The company's latest product, a "multifunctional" Wii bag, enables you to safely transport everything you need to setup your console -- controllers, AV cables, the actual system itself, etc -- in a compact case.

According to DCEmu's review of the pouch, the rear flap and awkwardly-placed ventilation mesh grill allows you to hook up your Wii without ever taking the system out! This sounds perfect for situations where you have to quickly break down and pack your setup. Need to lug your console to a sleepover? Worried about zombies suddenly breaking into your hideout? Grab one of these for only $9.23! We've got the full fact sheet after the post break, so click over while the clicking's still good.

[Via DCEmu]

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