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North American PSN releases for June 7th


Sorry, but nothing playable hits the Store in today's update. Not even a demo of The Darkness. What we do have are tons of videos. So get the microwave ready, pop up some popcorn and get ready to watch:
  • Heavenly Sword Gamer's Day trailer. With this trailer on your PS3, at least you can pretend to be playing it.
  • MLB 07 The Show trailer. Just in case watching last week's videos wasn't sufficient.
  • Stranglehold trailer. John Woo's Hard Boiled sequel-turned-to-game gets another visit to the Store.
  • Transformers movie trailer. In full HD, you'll get more than meets the eye.
  • Bruce Springsteen with the Sessions Band: Live in Dublin trailer.
Hey ... where's our old 1080p Midway remake for this week?

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