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Sling quietly releases the SlingLink Turbo 1 Port

Nilay Patel

Although we'd caught glimpses of it in the press photos for the SlingLink Turbo 4 Port, the existence of a 1-port version of Sling's 85Mbps powerline networking adapter was strictly rumor until today, when the eagle-eyed placeshifters over at SlingCommunity noticed that the $99 box was up for sale on Sling's website. You're looking at basically the same HomePlug 1.0-compatible box as the SlingLink Turbo 4 Port, but with only one Ethernet jack -- and no need to blow an extra $50 on three extra jacks at the head-end of a powerline setup. No word on whether these things actually pump bits at 85Mbps, but it's not like we can replace our rat's nest of CAT-5 at this point anyway.

[Via SlingCommunity]

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