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Would you like some Folklore art and such?

Nick Doerr

Also known as FolksSoul in Japan, Game Republic's PS3 exclusive title Folklore has been jamming the internet full of hype-cookies ever since an impressive demo was released on the Japanese PS Store. Following that path, Game Republic has updated its site to give you a glimpse of some game artwork, demons, and of course, Ellen's many different outfits.

Since the site is in Japanese, we'll help you out and guide you along. After you hit the main page, the brackets appearing under Ellen that say [6/07] are the new additions. The first link takes you to the character pages, where you can scope out some pretty neat outfits for the main heroine, or a couple demo shots of Keats. The second link takes you to some character and location art -- all of which is worth a gander. The third link sends you to demon artwork, showing you some of the things you'll encounter in your quest. We're very excited for this game and every piece of art just shows how much effort was put into this. They really want to erase Genji from our minds.

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