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iDOT shows off two more variants of VIA's NanoBook

Nilay Patel

VIA certainly seems to be attracting OEM attention with their NanoBook Ultra Mobile Device reference design -- they've lined up Packard Bell in the Europe, Engadget Chinese confirmed that Everex would be selling them here in the States, and now Taiwanese outfit iDOT Computers is showing off two variants of their own at Computex: the CE260 and CE261 (pictured). Specs for the CE260 are the same as all the others we've seen, but the CE261 ditches that goofy expansion bay next to the screen for a webcam, classes it up in black, and, uh, loses the touchpad. Seriously, it was small to begin with, but we don't see any kind of pointing device in that photo. Confirmation on that and the rumored internal 3G option will have to wait until we get our hands on one of these -- which could be a while, since there's no word on when and where iDOT is planning on selling these things.

Read - iDOT UMPC CE260
Read - iDOT UMPC CE261

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