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Bowers & Wilkins intro Signature Diamond loudspeakers

Darren Murph

Granted, there's no shortage of high-end loudspeakers to spend that mid-year bonus on, but Bowers & Wilkins is hoping you'll look its way if you've got (lots of) cash to spare and an ego to match. Sporting a Kevlar midrange / bass driver, Flowport porting system, marble enclosure, and a tube loaded diamond tweeter, these two-way towers handle between 50 and 120 watts, come in white or wakame color schemes, emit frequencies from 40Hz to 28kHz, and weight in at a hefty 55 pounds apiece. Of course, discerning listeners should expect to pay a premium for such top notch speakers, but since these will reportedly ring up at around $18,000 / pair, they'll probably remain reserved for those with more money than ways to spend it.

[Via AudioJunkies]

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