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Teac unveils luxurious UX-1Pi universal DVD player

Darren Murph

Teac most certainly doesn't shy away from cranking out the finer things in life, and the company's Esoteric UX-1Pi is further proof of its dedication to high-end. This elegently designed machine dons a simplistic black and silver motif, and internally, packs a 14-bit DAC, LSI ABT1018 scaler, HDMI v1.3 connector, 1080p upscaling, i.LINK FireWire, component / S-Video outputs, surround sound pre-outs, XLR front outputs, and optical / coaxial digital audio. The device handles DVD video, DVD-Audio, SACD, and your collection of toasted gems as well, and while Teac was nice enough to throw in a wireless remote, you'll still be paying ¥1,470,000 ($12,129) for this beauty when it lands this month. Click through for a shot of the port assortment.

[Via Impress]

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